Will A Stair Lift Work On Any Kind Of Stairway?


A stair lift can be manufactured and installed to fit almost any stairway, but some installations can cost a great deal more than others. Generally, stair lifts are desirable because they're perfectly functional with the least amount of expense. Lifts for straight stairways are the least expensive option and the easiest to install. Stairways with 90-degree turns or 180-degree turns are the next easiest, though they're typically more expensive because of the need for two chairs. Curved stairways or stairways that are irregular in any way are more expensive to properly fit with stair lifts. This is because no two curved staircases are exactly alike, so the lift has to be custom-made for that staircase. Manufacturing and installing a curved stair lift has been tricky in the past, but due to advancements in the manufacturing process, curved stair lifts are much easier to afford and install nowadays.

Most stair lifts purchased today are designed for straight staircases. Because the track comes in small pieces that are joined together, it's easy to install track that's the exact length for anything staircase.  If there are doorways at the top or bottom of the stairs, the track can be raised up enough so that the door can easily close. A straight stair lift is usually the least expensive option for stairway mobility.

Many two-story homes have stairways that turn at either 90-degree angles, or that make a complete 180-turn to go in the opposite direction. These types of stairways typically have a small landing between them. Because of this landing, each set of stairs will have a separate track with its own chair. The user will have to get out of one chair when he reaches the landing, and get into the other. Ideally, the chairs will be close enough together and able to swivel so that the user can go from one chair to the other easily. As mentioned in the first paragraph, curved stair lifts are also an option and have become much more affordable in the past year.

Fitting a staircase with a landing is a little more expensive than a straight staircase, but it isn't particularly difficult to install stair lifts properly when there's a landing between them. And it can provide a solution for those homes with double staircases. We've been asked why two chairs are necessary in these situations. The answer is that two stair lifts can be a little more affordable than one custom curved stair lift. It's best to call and speak with an expert to figure out which option is best for you and your home.

Curved stairways always require a custom stair lift installation. As you can imagine, the track must be bent to the proper angle and joined precisely. Because of the precision work needed to both manufacture the lift track and install it properly, a homeowner should not attempt any part of a curved stair lift installation. This is something best left in the hands of professionals, if this is the type of lift you need.

There's one last thing you should know about curved stair lifts. Before you pay the high price to have such a lift built and installed, you should realize that if a day comes when the lift is no longer needed, you're unlikely to get back any of your financial investment by selling it. Straight stair lifts can be removed from a home and installed somewhere else. If the track is too short, extra track can be added. If it's too long for the new staircase, the track can be cut down to fit. But curved stair lifts are custom-made for one specific stairway and won't fit any other set of stairs, which can make them impossible to sell.

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