Stair Lift Buyer's Guide


Of the many different types of mobility products and devices we sell, stair lifts may be the ones that are referred to by the greatest number of names. They're most commonly called stair lifts, chair lifts and stair chairs, but there are several others. Regardless of the name that's used, stair lifts are chairs that travel on a track up and down a stairway. They can be plugged into an outlet, which is almost always the best option, or they can be battery-operated.


Contrary to first impressions, a person does not have to be disabled to use and appreciate a stair lift. We have created this guide so we can answer many of your questions about stair lifts, and show how adding one to a home can make day-to-day life more pleasant. To learn more about a topic that interests you, simply click on one of the links below to jump to another part of our guide!


How Can A Stair Lift Improve My Life?


Will A Stair Lift Work On Any Kind Of Stairway?


Are Battery Operated Stair Lifts Superior to Electric Stair Lifts?


Standard Features Included With Most Stair Lifts


Stair Lift Engineering Differences


Preparing For Stair Lift Installations


Some Final Thoughts On Stair Lift Reimbursement







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