Reconditioned AmeriGlide Horizon Stair Lift | Stair Lifts 101

Call in for special pricing on this reconditioned unit. There's no reason not to buy this model over a new unit!

Equip your home with a Factory Reconditioned AmeriGlide Horizon Straight Stairlift and enjoy increased safety and better mobility with the most stylish and high performance model on the market. This stair lift offers a super slim and compact design that looks great and still offers the power of a reliable lift. With the simple lift of a conveniently located lever, the seat and footrest can be folded up and out of the way, allowing spacious access to the staircase. Additional standard features include: a swivel seat, lap belt, and a rail that can be installed at angles of up to 55 degrees. It is the perfect option for any home with a straight staircase. Call today to speak with an expert and learn more about other optional features.

Available Upgrades

  • Seat Color

    • Beige   +$0.00   Beige AmeriGlide Platinum Stair Lift Chair Option
  • Control Location

    • We can put the controls on either arm to suit you.   +$0.00   Beige AmeriGlide Platinum Stair Lift Chair Option
    • Left Side   +$0.00   No Image
    • Right Side   +$0.00   No Image
  • Standard Features

    • Wireless Infra-red Call/Send Remote (2)   +$0.00   No Image
    • Lap Seat Belt   +$0.00   No Image
    • Digital Diagnostic Display   +$0.00   No Image
    • Key Lock   +$0.00   No Image
  • Orientation (looking UP the staircase)

    • The stair lift will be on the left   +$0.00   No Image
    • The stair lift will be on the right   +$0.00   No Image
  • Additional Track

    • Custom Rail Extension - A rail joint kit is required for every extra 8 ft. of rail.   +$0.00   No Image
    • Up to 14' (168") of Rail Included   +$0.00   No Image
    • Extra Rail Per Foot   +$50.00   No Image
    • Rail Joint Kit   +$43.00   No Image
    • Rail Leg   +$29.00   No Image
  • Additional Hardware

    • Bracket Extensions (3 pair with hardware)   +$60.00   Horizon Stair Lift Mounting Bracket Extensions, Qty 6 with Hardware
  • Installation

    • NOTE: We do not perform installations in Oregon. For residents in Oregon, please choose self-installation at checkout   +$0.00   Horizon Stair Lift Mounting Bracket Extensions, Qty 6 with Hardware
    • Self Installation   +$0.00   No Image
    • Installation Only   +$575.00   No Image
    • Installation and Measurement   +$725.00   No Image
    • Double Stair Lift Installation Service   +$875.00   No Image
    • Permit (Required in Kentucky for EACH item being installed)   +$87.50   No Image
  • Installation Special Cases

    • Installation In Remote or Limited Access Location   +$285.00   No Image
    • Installation On Concrete, Steel, or Tile Stairs   +$300.00   No Image
  • Measurements

    • Please enter measurements in feet or inches. Customers using the Measurement Service can skip this step.   +$0.00   No Image
    • 1. Overall length   +$0.00   No Image
    • 2. Top stair to bottom stair   +$0.00   No Image
    • 3. Staircase width   +$0.00   No Image
    • 4. Bottom clearance   +$0.00   No Image
    • 5. Rise of one step   +$0.00   No Image
    • 6. Tread of one step   +$0.00   No Image
    • 7. Diagonal   +$0.00   No Image
    • 8. Door at the top   +$0.00   No Image
    • Need help measuring? Print out the "How to Measure" worksheet.   +$0.00   No Image
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