Harmar Summit Cargo Stair Lift

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Product Specifications

Drive TypeCable
Battery PoweredNo
Self InstallableYes
Basic Installation IncludedNo
Standard Capacity350 lb
Max Track Length, Standard15.5'
Max Track Length, Optional25'
Track MaterialAluminum
Seat Width17.5"
Seat Depth14"
Swivel SeatYes
Flip-Up SeatNo
Flip-Up ArmrestsNo
Constant Pressure ControlsYes
Footrest Safety SensorNo
Unit Footprint, Non-Folded24.5"
Unit Footprint, Folded14"
Track Footprint12"
Track Width8"
Call Stations IncludedWired
Rail Angle, Min30°
Rail Angle, Max45°
Digital Diagnostics DisplayNo
Key LockNo
Harmar's Summit Cargo Stair Lift is a great addition to any storage room, warehouse, manufacturing plant, or other commercial building. This strong and sturdy cargo lift is designed to be installed on an existing staircase and is rated for transporting up to 350 pound loads. You can customize the track length to fit your staircase and enjoy the security of limit switches that will automatically stop the lift when it reaches the top or bottom of the stairs. (If the track length is 16 feet or longer, the weight capacity is reduced to 250 pounds.) This model runs off of a 115 VAC household current, so all you have to do is plug it into an existing electrical outlet. No major renovations required. When not in use, the space saving platform folds up and out of the way.

You also receive the standard stair lift seat with your Cargo Lift so you can always swap out the cargo carrier for the seat if your needs change and you want to transport a person rather than cargo.

  • Rocker controls with constant-pressure functionality stop the lift immediately if the control is released
  • Mounts to the stairs (not the wall) on either side of staircase
  • Operates on standard 115V AC household current
  • Extruded aluminum track is available in custom lengths
  • Separate controls at top and bottom of stairs

Available Upgrades

  • Options

    • Keylock Package - Keyed Base & Keyed Call-Send Controls   +$443.00   No Image
    • Keyed Base Only   +$236.00   No Image
    • Wireless Call/Send Controls   +$443.00   No Image
  • Track Length (15' is Standard *)

    • * Actual track is 6" longer. A 6" overrun is required to allow safe entry/exit from seat onto the landing at top of stairs.   +$0.00   No Image
    • 15' of track * (180")   +$0.00   No Image
    • Custom Cut track Less Than 15'   +$150.00   No Image
    • Track length 16' and over reduces weight capacity to 250 pounds   +$0.00   No Image
    • Custom Cut 16' to 18' of track (180" to 216") 250 lb Capacity   +$350.00   No Image
    • Custom Cut 18' to 25' of track (216" to 300") 250 lb Capacity   +$565.00   No Image
    • 20' of track Uncut 250 lb Capacity   +$250.00   No Image
    • 25' of track Uncut 250 lb Capacity   +$565.00   No Image
  • Orientation (looking UP the staircase)

    • The stair lift will be on the left   +$0.00   No Image
    • The stair lift will be on the right   +$0.00   No Image
  • Installation

    • NOTE: We do not perform installations in Oregon or Washington. Please choose Self-Installation at checkout if you live there.   +$0.00   No Image
    • Self Installation   +$0.00   No Image
    • Nationwide Installation (Not available in Oregon or Washington)   +$599.00   No Image
    • Nationwide Installation and Measurement Service (Not available in Oregon or Washington)   +$749.00   No Image
    • Double Stair Lift Installation Service - Per Stair Lift (Not available in Oregon or Washington)   +$437.50   No Image
    • Stair Lift Removal and Disposal (Not available in Oregon or Washington)   +$499.00   No Image
  • Installation Permit

    • License / Permit / Inspection   +$425.00   No Image
    • Permit and Inspection   +$350.00   No Image
    • Permit (Required in Kentucky for EACH item being installed)   +$87.50   No Image
    • Permit & Inspection (Required in Georgia for EACH item being installed)   +$250.00   No Image
    • Permit & Inspection (Required in Alabama. Additional units incur additional fee.)   +$300.00   No Image
  • Installation Special Cases

    • Installation On Concrete, Steel, or Tile Stairs   +$300.00   No Image
    • Installation In Remote or Limited Access Location   +$345.00   No Image
  • Measurements

    • Please enter measurements in feet or inches. Customers using the Measurement Service can skip this step.   +$0.00   No Image
    • 1. Overall length   +$0.00   No Image
    • 2. Top stair to bottom stair   +$0.00   No Image
    • 3. Staircase width   +$0.00   No Image
    • 4. Bottom clearance   +$0.00   No Image
    • 5. Rise of one step   +$0.00   No Image
    • 6. Tread of one step   +$0.00   No Image
    • 7. Diagonal   +$0.00   No Image
    • 8. Door at the top   +$0.00   No Image
    • Need help measuring? Print out the "How to Measure" worksheet.   +$0.00   No Image