Stair Lift Measuring Help


To make sure that your stair lift rails are cut to the proper lengths, we'll need to know the measurements as outlined below.

  1. Which side does the stair lift go on?

    Standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking up, determine which side of the stairs your stair lift will be located.

  2. Top step to the floor

    Standing at the top of the stairs, extend your tape measure down the steps until it reaches the floor at the bottom of the stairs.  Make sure the tape measure rests on the edge of the stairs, but doesn't sag or bend.  Write down the distance from the top stair to the floor.

  3. Top step to bottom step

    Now move the end of your tape measure from the floor to the edge of the first stair and write down this measurement.

  4. Width of step

    Next take your measuring tape and measure the width of one step as shown in the example.

  5. Distance to wall

    If there is a wall, door or another obstruction at the bottom of the stairs, measure the distance between the door/wall and the first step as shown.

  6. Rise and depth of step

    Next you'll need to make some step measurements.  First measure the distance between a step and the step above it.  Then measure from the front of a step to the back of it.  Lastly, measure from the front of a step to the front of the step beneath it.